About Kevin Schoen, CEO of ACD

Techno-bulldog, boundless energy, and a compassionate type-A are words used to describe the CEO of the ACD. He’s an overnight success that is twenty years in the making. His career began with selling floppy discs from the basement of his parent’s home. Today his 120-employee company is building broadband, fiber optic and phone networks to every corner of Michigan and the Midwest.

Kevin is one of Michigan’s important transitional forces helping bridge the state’s post-industrial economy to a thriving knowledge based economy.His contribution to Michigan’s future will usher in the next-generation of broadband to create the state’s Gigabit Communities. The Gigabit movement promises much more than just faster
downloading and streaming. It opens the door to the future of
driverless cars, life saving law enforcement and tele-health tools and high tech industries of all sorts.

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