Broadband Speeds Toward Rural Michigan

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.24.07 PM.png“We are so glad the State of Michigan is joining ACD to help bring broadband to rural Michigan,” said Kevin Schoen of ACD.

Governor Snyder signed an executive order to improve access to broadband connection in Michigan. The new Michigan law paves the way for improved and strengthened rural Michigan broadband access.

“Ensuring all Michiganders have access to secure, reliable and affordable broadband services is an important step in our work to maximize Michigan’s momentum long into the future,” Snyder said. “Connectivity is a critical component for economic development, academic growth and stronger communities—particularly rural communities.”

The Governor established the Michigan Consortium for Advanced Networks to identify gaps in broadband service coverage and capacity. They will also look at current efforts that address connectivity issues, and key strategies that will lead to enhanced connectivity throughout Michigan.

“I am thrilled that the state of Michigan has realized the importance of strong broadband in rural communities” said ACD’s Kevin Schoen. “This effort will help to launch Michigan into a new era of connectivity, and ACD will be there every step of the way.”

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