ABC News: Email to ACD

Dear Steve,

I haven’t met you, or spoken with you, but I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the extraordinary  group of people working at your company.

Last week, on very short notice, your team was able to arrange for ABC News to gain access to your high speed internet connection, so that we would be able to quickly upload over 500 GB of high resolution video files from a mammoth TV interview shoot we had wrapped up only hours before showing up at ACD’s doorstep at 11pm on Wednesday.

Although we had been in touch via phone earlier in the day, and assured we would be able to get in the building after hours, it seemed too good to be true. But when I arrived, Corey (I believe that is his name) graciously admitted me and showed me to the conference room, where I was able to plug in and send the files. It was unbelievably easy, and a gigantic relief, to get inside and begin immediately working to upload the material.

We returned at least once the next day, to do another round of uploads.

I understand that ACD is not an Internet cafe, and you don’t tupically rent your connection to outsiders. But I cannot thank you enough for making room for us this week. It is not every day that one company allows complete strangers to just crash through their front doors and seize control of a high speed uplink.

The quantity of material we were sending back to NY was so large- there is no way we would have been able to get it all transmitted without your company’s exceptional consideration. We would have only been able to send a small fraction, and the final broadcast ( which aired last night on ABC “20/20”) would have suffered. But, thanks again to you and your team, the stories of more than 20 survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of disgraced former doctor, Larry Nassar, were fully told.

So, again, many thanks for providing a crucial lifeline to us. The service we used was worth many thousands of dollars- I am unsure what we paid, or if we even made arrangements to pay, but please do send me the bill. It was worth every penny!

Very sincerely,

Chris Kilmer
Field Producer

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