WHAT? The Internet Might Be For Sale

Washington regulators and some congress-members paved the way for some internet customers to receive better connections than others.

vp“We had Net Neutrality which means the internet is pretty much a level playing field,” says Steve Schoen ACD’s Vice President.

But last Thursday the FCC repealed Net Neutrality, the larger players on the internet, such as AT&T, will be allowed to speed up connections to some websites that can afford to pay them for it. Web streaming companies like Netflix and YouTube would have the opportunity to pay a fee in order to reach users at faster speeds than other webpages.




SANJEEV1As the New York Times explained, “Pro-net neutrality activists, who argue the principle creates a level playing-field online, are up in arms about the plan. And some tech companies are now speaking out in support of Net Neutrality.

“At ACD we think the internet should not have fast lanes for preferred customers and slow lanes for everyone else,” says Sanjeev Verma, ACD’s Director of Network Operations.

By doing away with Net Neutrality the major players on the internet will be able to charge companies for access to “fast lanes,” or even block certain apps altogether.

Like most regulatory changes in Washington it’s not over until the lawsuits are sorted out.

“I expect some major legal challenges will be mounted,” says Kevin Schoen, ACD’s CEO. “The Net neutrality debate is far from over.”


Tell Your Congressperson What You Think: 


House of Reps



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