Michigan’s Small Towns Are Going Global

ACD (2 of 7)

“Eaton Rapids Director of Utilities Scott Poyer, left, and Mayor Steven Platte, right, pose for a picture in downtown Eaton Rapids”

Small Michigan towns such as Charlotte, Mason and Eaton Rapids, are becoming Internet boom-towns by partnering with the right fiber optic company. These towns and many more have turned themselves into mini-startup hubs with new companies that are helping to retain their younger residents.

Mayor Tim Lewis of Charlotte explained that they have had nearly $30 million of economic development in the past three years. This includes housing, entertainment and news business in the downtown area.

Eaton Rapids and Hillsdale – all located in southern Michigan with populations between 5,000 and 9,000 – in recent years collaborated with ACD to implement fiber broadband in their communities. Currently, fiber is available to businesses, schools and utility plants; eventually, residents will start to receive fiber connections as well. Municipal and business leaders in these cities agree that having fiber networks gives them a competitive advantage.

“Having access to the global economy is critical, and without Internet connections, Michigan businesses can’t compete. But if we can help businesses better understand the benefits of a high-speed connection, we can grow and improve Michigan’s economy,” says Eric Frederick, executive director of Connect Michigan.

A better understanding of the need for fiber is vitally important, and these small Michigan towns have achieved a faster and more reliable Internet connection with the help of ACD and fiber broadband.

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