Next Generation Phones Are Productivity Tools

Phones today provide far more than a way to talk to other people physically distant from the caller. While traditional telephones have been around for over 100 years, new voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones are becoming the next new ‘must-have’ technology. As highly versatile communications devices, they can be as valuable to your business as your desktop computers. Think PCs and the Internet in 1996 and now think VoIP phones and seamless communications in 2016.

Nancy McKeague.jpg

Nancy McKeague, senior vice president of the Michigan Hospital Association 

With these Internet phones, you can take your company to the next level with low- cost, seamless communications for the 21st century. Designed for portability, versatility, and ease of use, VoIP phones can save your business time and money. And that translates into greater productivity and increased profits.

More and more U.S. companies now use Internet phone connections instead of conventional phone lines. A VoIP system provides sophisticated functionality at a cost savings compared to a landline system. And placing a call with a VoIP phone is usually no more complicated than making
a conventional phone call. VoIP capabilities can be easily added to conventional phones with an adapter.

Upgrading to a VoIP system can increase your profits as soon as you plug it in. Your VoIP system will boost productivity, increase mobility, and strengthen your competitiveness.


It’s no longer a question of whether VoIP will replace conventional phone systems, it’s now merely a question of when. The simplicity of a VoIP system has made it a perfect t for the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA).

Nancy McKeague, Senior Vice President of the Michigan Health and Hospital Association, knows it’s no longer a question of whether Internet phones will replace conventional phone systems, but when.

“All of the settings are web-based so it couldn’t be easier,” said MHA Senior Director of Information Technology, Mike Nowak. “We rarely have any interaction with users that have phone problems.”

Installation of the phone system can be almost as easy as making calls to customers.

“We put a lot of front-end leg work in setting up our customers’ VoIP phones,” ACD Sales Engineer, Kevin Meeker emphasized.

Upgrading to a VoIP phone provider will help improve your call ow as your phones will be set up to operate more ef ciently. VoIP systems provide automated attendants, call queues, and computer integration that allows desktop computers to be turned into “softphones.”

VoIP digitizes the sound of speech into digital data packets. So you might think of VoIP as the World Wide Web for voice communications. The magic is that routing phone calls over the Internet instead of conventional phone lines and towers results in enormous cost savings for your business.

“Slow Internet connections cost businesses money, especially when it comes to employee productivity,” said Chris DeVine, ACD’s Major Business Accounts Manager. “Fiber-based data networks from ACD, coupled with business IP phone services, offer our customers a powerful combination for solid and reliable business communications.”

Businesses can use VoIP for basics like teleconferencing, call screening, and voice-mail-to-email transcription. And businesses can become more efficient by creating a ‘placeless’ workplace with employees untethered from the physical office.


Equipped with advanced calling and conferencing tools, good voice quality in VoIP phones is important. And ACD guarantees call quality. That’s unique.
It’s the only company that makes this guarantee for VoIP services.

You can take your VoIP phone with you and use it anywhere you have access to a broadband Internet connection. The system’s “follow me” feature enables users to take calls on their smart phone from their desk phone.

“Our staff doesn’t have to sit at their desks waiting for calls,” said MHA Senior Vice President, Nancy McKeague. “Our of ces are now placeless. Our staff now have the freedom to travel anywhere in the state without missing a single call.”

The VoIP connection also provides handy efax service. Faxes are sent to the recipient’s email inbox in PDF format instead of being received the traditional way.

“You can be driving down the freeway and all of a sudden that fax is in your inbox, so when you get to your client you already have it available,” said Meeker. You are not tied to the fax machine anymore.

Mike Nowak

“All of the settings are web- based so it couldn’t be easier. We rarely have any interaction with users that have phone problems anymore.”

Mike Nowak, MHA Senior Director of IT

VoIP system capacity includes seamlessly connecting a workplace that has multiple physical locations. If a user wants to connect with a coworker across the city or state, they simply use a 3-digit extension. No more direct dial or calling the main phone line to get routed through the phone tree.

No more delays. It’s easy and seamless.

The VoIP system environment is also highly collaborative in its support of media applications, such as video. Computer-based VoIP systems also often allow data sharing or application sharing with the person you’re talking to. As a result, important interactions are not limited to voice communications.

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