ACD Celebrates Viking Culture

At ACD, we’re fascinated by any and all technologies.

This weekend’s Michigan Nordic Fire Festival in Charlotte, MI is a time to celebrate the technology of the Viking culture.

Some of the most famous Viking technologies include:ulfberht-double-edged-sword

– Ulfberht sword made from crucible steel

– Strong  and surprisingly small ocean going ships that allowed them to navigate in veryunknown shallow water and at fast speeds

– Advanced compasses called Uunartoq discs that allowed them to sail whether sunny or cloudy outside

All of these technologies were unique to the Vikings and unheard of at the time of their occupancy. Most were not discovered until unknown-1recently.

ACD likes to lead a culture similar to the Vikings and be ahead of the technology advancements brought to you and your families.

We look forward to the festival this weekend and hope everyone in attendance has a safe, fun, and culturally enlightening experience. See you there!

For more information on the Michigan Nordic Fire Festival, please visit:

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