Mo’ Apps, Mo’ Problems

Guest Blogger: Sanjeev Verma, Director of Network Operations, ACD

Three Things to Keep Your Data Safe


ACD’s experts want you to know that more apps and more features on your phone and desktop have created more doors for cyber robbers to get your money and your identity info. Being able to keep your money and your family safe are two critical concerns on the Internet today. It is imperative to know how to stay safe on the Internet so hackers don’t learn personal information.

Sanjeev.jpgWhat Can You Do?

The Department of Homeland Security says October is National Cyber Security Awareness
Month. The message this year is:

Stop think and connect which includes:

– keeping a clean machine,

– protecting your personal information and

-connecting with care.

Step One: Clean Machines are Safe Machines

First, to keep a clean machine one should keep security software current, enable automatic software updates, protect all devices that connect to the Internet including smartphones and gaming systems by enabling virus and malware protection, and scanning devices before plugging them in (such as USBs and other external devices).

Step Two: Logins are Key

Next, to best protect all personal information, it is important to lock down your login, make passwords a sentence that is at least 12 characters, have a unique account and password via different passwords for every account, and write passwords down to keep it safe.

Step Three: Social Media Security

Finally, to connect with care one must keep emails and social media clean by deleting threads every so often, limit the scope of usage on WiFi hotspots, and always check that a site is security enabled when banking and shopping online. These simple steps can make it much easier to keep yourself and your assets safe online.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us, and we want to help raise awareness about cyber security.

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