Today East Lansing Has Something… Cool, Fast and Powerful

You likely won’t see them, but Lansing-based technology firm ACD installed 14 distributed antenna systems and built a fiber network throughout East Lansing.

This gives East Lansing world class Internet coverage, allowing businesses access to fiber optics for powering desktop computers, and gives the public improved cell phone and wireless Internet coverage.

“The improved coverage ensures that there is substantial capacity increase on 4G wireless service to East Lansing and will also result in improved broadband capacity for East EL DasLansing,”according to Kevin Schoen, ACD’s CEO. “This next generation broadband network will also increase local companies connection speeds and reduce their business operational costs.”

How Will East Lansing Benefit?

• East Lansing residents are major consumers of broadband. MSU’s thousands of researchers have this need for speed, and it’s tech savvy residents made it a perfect place to build this network.

• The region has taken a huge leap forward in the next generation of broadband, into a gigabit network that lowers broadband costs for homeowners, government, and businesses.

• East Lansing is on its way to becoming a “FiberHood,” which means its residents now have world-class smartphone coverage and access to up-to-Gigabit-speeds in their offices — 100-times faster then regular broadband.

• How Did This Happen in East Lansing? The collaborative efforts of city officials and ACD have led to this important economic investment. ACD is building fiber networks in the areas where they can complete engineering and necessary permits. East Lansing city officials understand the importance of working with a provider such as ACD to build out broadband networks.

“People are making decisions on where to live and work based upon the technology infrastructure available to them. Our mission is to bring direct world class connections to all business andresidents, said Schoen.”

Tell Your Town’s Government Leaders To Get World Class For Your region’s Internet and Cell Phone Connections….It’s only a phone call away:   517-999-9999

About ACD and ACD Telecom, Inc. ACD owns an extensive statewide fiber network and is a leading fiber optic provider of broadband services to businesses and residential customers. ACD is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. Learn more about and its commitment to the state of Michigan at

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