Cutting the Cord to Cable

Is Apple TV enough to cancel your monthly cable bill?

Signs suggest that Apple’s new steps toward changing the world of television could mean a change in the way people watch their favorite shows and movies.

For years, no single TV device has been able to play content from all the different applications we have grown to incorporate into our everyday lives. Consumers have had to wrestle with a bewildering array of cords and television ports to get all of their online shows onto their screens at home.

Apple is changing that as they work to provide a format that allows users to cut the cord with cable.appletv

With the new Apple TV users have access to a multitude of apps. From Netflix to nightly news, Apple TV owners are able to access all of their content in one place for quite literally the first time ever.

This new app-centered technology has the potential to be the only box you’ll ever need as it eliminates the overabundance of devices that compete against each other to dominate your living room.

Rather than waiting for your show to come on, or setting the DVR to record your shows while you’re away, Apple TV allows users the freedom to watch what they want, when they want with their new app-centered television that caters to the needs of its users.

Whether it’s Roku, Apple TV, or the Amazon Fire TV Stick, these online centered technologies make dropping your cable provider more fun, and less expensive.

For more information and to hear Kevin’s thoughts on Apple TV click the link below:

Apple TV on WJR


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