Zeeland is Taking Steps to Become a Gigabit Community

The team at ACD is helping Zeeland become one of the first gigabit communities in the state, thanks to collaboration between local businesses and ACD. Economic Developers and academics have proclaimed that economic growth comes to towns that have ready access to gigabit Internet.  Zeeland is the perfect example. Zeeland, by becoming a gigabit community, will see an increase in businesses wishing to relocate there and a corresponding increase in property values.

After observing the recent success in Zeeland, other towns and cities are Zeelandpictureinterested in expanding their broadband. While it may seem like a daunting task, it is actually an elegant and simple process with a clear starting point. Economic developers and municipal officials need to streamline their permitting process, allowing tech firms to quickly build out these next generation broadband networks. Once broadband networks are established and there is an extra capacity of fiber, additional businesses and residences are able to connect with the network.

As more communities are learning about the benefits of fiber optics, demand has grown stronger. Regions with the best broadband networks are built on having a variety of tech firms involved. The partnership between ACD and local tech companies has helped both of us become more efficient with the expansion of next-gen broadband to local communities.

Click here to learn about the steps to becoming a Gigabit community.

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