The Scoop on the New Apple Watch

Apple Watch

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I sent my spies out to the Lansing Apple store today to check out the new Apple Watch. Here’s what they thought during their fifteen-minute consultation:

The new watch is a step into the future and the wearer feels like they’ve walked straight into a James Bond movie. The days of talking on a cell phone are behind us and the time for speaking into our watches has come. The different face sizes and band options in addition to the thousands of interface choices make this watch completely customizable. It’s a product we didn’t realize we wanted. Apple has done it again.

Apple Watch with Apple IPhone

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Here’s what the internet has to say:

You’ll Want One, but You Don’t Need One (

We can make the general statement that people love their Apple products and do not mind waiting in long lines for extended periods of time to get them. Apple has found a way to minimize lines and limit the people waiting outside to purchase their new product by a very well thought out system they’ve put in place. April 10th is not the release date of the entire product, just the demos in the stores. You can purchase a watch only online and orders will ship April 24th. Consumers have three options for testing out the new watch before purchasing:

  1. They can see the watches in an aesthetically pleasing display case for quick view
  2. They can experience the watches in a tethered fashion, much like all other products
  3. For the full experience, they can make an appointment with a sale’s associate where the consumer can physically try on the watch and test out the different features.

A headline on read, “You’ll Want One, but You Don’t Need One” written by Joshua Topolsky, one of the lucky consumers who got to test out an Apple Watch before it hit the market. Topolsky finds the watch itself beautifully designed with convenient features such as the Activity app, which tracks your movement and exercise throughout the day. However he finds things like the heartbeat feature, where you “essentially ‘sample’ your heartbeat and send it off” “weirdly intimate” as he’s not sure what he could utilize this feature for.

If you were wondering, it is definitely a watch, and according to early reviews the watch is extremely accurate. The Apple Watch allows you to check e-mails, send text messages, listen to music via wireless headphones, track your daily fitness, stocks, and the weather all with the flick or tap of your finger. Apple has a large task in front of them in convincing consumers that “wearable technology” is both something you want and something you need and only time will tell how well their new product is received.


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One thought on “The Scoop on the New Apple Watch

  1. I really want to try out this watch. I think the heart beat feature would be great once I start working out again. Thanks for the review!


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