Facebook’s Boosting Your Business

Date: April 24th 9:30 AM Doors Open 

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Location: Chisholm Hills Golf & Banquet Center 2395 Washington Rd Lansing, Michigan

– Facebook’s Boost Your Business events provide businesses with the most up-to-date tools, insights, and best practices for achieving success on Facebook & Instagram.

– Learn directly from Facebook experts, local organizations, and other businesses in the area. You will walk away with the resources you need to grow your business!

– Free event for businesses! After completing registration you will be emailed your ticket, Act fast before spots fill up.

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Our CEO Kevin Schoen will be broadcasting live from this event at 11AM.



Broadband Speeds Toward Rural Michigan

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.24.07 PM.png“We are so glad the State of Michigan is joining ACD to help bring broadband to rural Michigan,” said Kevin Schoen of ACD.

Governor Snyder signed an executive order to improve access to broadband connection in Michigan. The new Michigan law paves the way for improved and strengthened rural Michigan broadband access.

“Ensuring all Michiganders have access to secure, reliable and affordable broadband services is an important step in our work to maximize Michigan’s momentum long into the future,” Snyder said. “Connectivity is a critical component for economic development, academic growth and stronger communities—particularly rural communities.”

The Governor established the Michigan Consortium for Advanced Networks to identify gaps in broadband service coverage and capacity. They will also look at current efforts that address connectivity issues, and key strategies that will lead to enhanced connectivity throughout Michigan.

“I am thrilled that the state of Michigan has realized the importance of strong broadband in rural communities” said ACD’s Kevin Schoen. “This effort will help to launch Michigan into a new era of connectivity, and ACD will be there every step of the way.”

Lansing’s FREE Tech Training Open 24/7


You didn’t miss out on the FREE Google Tech training in Lansing on March 9th and 10th.

You can get some of that amazing Google training on-line at: https://grow.google

Online they have amazing FREE training tools and events to help you to grow your tech skills, career or your business.

This training will help job-seekers, small business owners and educators, covering topics such as basic coding and search engine optimization.

According the the Lansing State Journal Google held similar events in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City late last year. Events in Savannah, Georgia; Columbia, South Carolina; and Louisville, Kentucky, are also in the works.

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing new opportunities to learn about tech in the near future.

Kevin Schoen

ABC News: Email to ACD

Dear Steve,

I haven’t met you, or spoken with you, but I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the extraordinary  group of people working at your company.

Last week, on very short notice, your team was able to arrange for ABC News to gain access to your high speed internet connection, so that we would be able to quickly upload over 500 GB of high resolution video files from a mammoth TV interview shoot we had wrapped up only hours before showing up at ACD’s doorstep at 11pm on Wednesday.

Although we had been in touch via phone earlier in the day, and assured we would be able to get in the building after hours, it seemed too good to be true. But when I arrived, Corey (I believe that is his name) graciously admitted me and showed me to the conference room, where I was able to plug in and send the files. It was unbelievably easy, and a gigantic relief, to get inside and begin immediately working to upload the material.

We returned at least once the next day, to do another round of uploads.

I understand that ACD is not an Internet cafe, and you don’t tupically rent your connection to outsiders. But I cannot thank you enough for making room for us this week. It is not every day that one company allows complete strangers to just crash through their front doors and seize control of a high speed uplink.

The quantity of material we were sending back to NY was so large- there is no way we would have been able to get it all transmitted without your company’s exceptional consideration. We would have only been able to send a small fraction, and the final broadcast ( which aired last night on ABC “20/20”) would have suffered. But, thanks again to you and your team, the stories of more than 20 survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of disgraced former doctor, Larry Nassar, were fully told.

So, again, many thanks for providing a crucial lifeline to us. The service we used was worth many thousands of dollars- I am unsure what we paid, or if we even made arrangements to pay, but please do send me the bill. It was worth every penny!

Very sincerely,

Chris Kilmer
Field Producer

WHAT? The Internet Might Be For Sale

Washington regulators and some congress-members paved the way for some internet customers to receive better connections than others.

vp“We had Net Neutrality which means the internet is pretty much a level playing field,” says Steve Schoen ACD’s Vice President.

But last Thursday the FCC repealed Net Neutrality, the larger players on the internet, such as AT&T, will be allowed to speed up connections to some websites that can afford to pay them for it. Web streaming companies like Netflix and YouTube would have the opportunity to pay a fee in order to reach users at faster speeds than other webpages.




SANJEEV1As the New York Times explained, “Pro-net neutrality activists, who argue the principle creates a level playing-field online, are up in arms about the plan. And some tech companies are now speaking out in support of Net Neutrality.

“At ACD we think the internet should not have fast lanes for preferred customers and slow lanes for everyone else,” says Sanjeev Verma, ACD’s Director of Network Operations.

By doing away with Net Neutrality the major players on the internet will be able to charge companies for access to “fast lanes,” or even block certain apps altogether.

Like most regulatory changes in Washington it’s not over until the lawsuits are sorted out.

“I expect some major legal challenges will be mounted,” says Kevin Schoen, ACD’s CEO. “The Net neutrality debate is far from over.”


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